Wow! I just attached a Mason Jar to my blender!!!!

What a delightful surprise. This hack does not apply to all Mason Jars or blenders, but I recommend that you give it a try. NOTE: Mason Jar glass is not as thick as blender glass. Not sure you want to use ice or other dense materials for this handy dandy little hack. But might as well grind some spices, nuts, or make your own single serve smoothie (sans ice cubes)!

First Experiment: Almond Meal

Did you know this was possible? How have I made it through life this long without even giving it a try? Magic Bullet, watch out, I’m about to turn this average blender into the most versatile easy-to-clean appliance my kitchen has ever known!!!

Immunity Booster: Raw Ginger, Honey, Fresh Organic Lemon Juice

Mason Jar blender hack, aka DIY Magic Bullet, aka LIFE CHANGER!!